Dieselstormers Gets Steam Early Access, Screens/Video Released

From the creators of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Releasing a video and these screenshots, German indie games developer Black Forest Games announced that Dieselstormers is now available via Steam Early Access. This is an action-platformer game in which players explore the medieval city of Ravensdale - a place where armor is powered by roaring engines, princesses wield wrenches in oil-stained overalls, and not a single dragon dares to brave the smog-filled sky. The inhabitants of Ravensdale must take their city back from a rampaging ork horde, and players will be able to assemble their own weapons by adding and exchanging parts and modify them for their specific needs.
Dieselstormers is the first real multiplayer game by Black Forest Games. Missions and levels are designed for 1 to 4 players while some quests require a high level of teamwork, tactics and strategic skill. Players explore a wide range of different settings where they fight evil bosses and strong monsters in explosive battles utilizing their customized weapons.