Lifeless Available for Pre-Purchase Tomorrow, New Screens Available

Lifeless is a MMO zombie survival game created using the Unity engine
Developed by Rigid-Soft for the PC, Lifeless is a multiplayer FPS zombie survival game in which you have to do whatever's necessary to survive in a vast and dangerous world, filled with challenging and intelligent zombies. Working with other players to complete quests or gain achievements is a smart choice, though attacking other players also has its place in the dangerous world.
Players are able to take part in various quests which have all been voice acted, fortify buildings and protect them with player crafted traps, build their characters by gaining experience from almost everything they do and levelling up, group up with friends and strangers they meet in-game, take refuge in the NPC patrolled safe zone or just simply work together to find fantastic loot and kill as many zombies as possible.
On July 24th you will be able to pre-purchase Lifeless for $25 - a public alpha version will arrive by 25th August 2014. Two fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.