Revolution 60 Released, Screens Available

Revolution 60 places players in the role of Holiday, a trained assassin working with a team to save the planet from a devastating nuclear war
Along with these screenshots, independent mobile development studio Giant Spacekat has announced that Revolution 60 is now available on iPad via the App Store. The game has a free play period for the early stages of the game and a single IAP that unlocks the remainder of the content for $5.99. Revolution 60 also ships with The Chessboard Lethologica, an optional companion book, available through iBooks for $3.99, with information about the Revolution 60 universe.
Featuring a highly cinematic play experience supported by professional voice actors Marieve Herington and anime legend Amanda Winn-Lee, Revolution 60 tells the story of intense character conflict where the main character lives or dies based on the player's choices. The branching narrative takes gamers through 26 different battles - including four mini-boss battles - eventually leading them to any of 24 different ending variations and providing hours of replayability.