RuneFest 2014 Announced

RuneScape's annual community event returns, and will see in-game Bonds used for free entry, accommodation and more
Jagex Games Studio announced today that RuneFest 2014 will take place on Saturday, October 11 at Tobacco Dock, London, giving RuneScape fans the chance to meet the developers behind the game, as well as get a sneak peek at content planned for the future. In addition to being purchasable with Bonds, tickets can also be bought for 99 (~ $169 USD) when they go on sale Monday, July 28. Jagex has partnered with a local hotel, so accommodation can be purchased by attendees with Bonds. The virtual currency can also be swapped for Crystal Coins allowing RuneFest visitors to secure consumables and merchandise at the event itself for free.
RuneScape Bonds were introduced into the game in September 2013 and are available to buy either with real world cash or in-game gold from the RuneScape website