Wargame Series 1 Million Units, Wargame: Red Dragon Free DLC Released

Wargame series set a new benchmark in the RTS genre
Since the release of its first title in February 2012, the Wargame series sold 1 millions units, Focus Home Interactive announced. To celebrate this milestone, Eugene Systems announced that a new DLC (downloadable content) for Wargame: Red Dragon is available now for free. Focusing on the Eastern Bloc coalition, The Millionth Mile features more than 60 new units for Poland, Czechoslovakia, and East-Germany, bringing them into the 90's and on an equal footing with Red Dragon's main nations. The entire range of units are represented in the DLC: infantry, tanks, planes, troop transports, and of course helicopters.
The Millionth Mile also introduces a brand new kind of unit, in the form of an AShM (anti-ship missile!) truck carrier. These units, whose main function is to engage ships over long distances from the land, increase the tactical depth of the game while redefining Wargame's naval warfare.