InnoGames gamescom 2014 Lineup

Hall 4.2, D-53
InnoGames sent out a press release announcing that its gamescom 2014 lineup includes the following titles: Tribal Wars 2, Rising Generals, and Forge of Empires for iOS. Additionally, InnoGames will host a 96-hour long game jam which will take place during gamescom on the consumer floor with 12 participants developing 3 free to play games in that time and 250,000 people watching. The event will start on Wednesday 13th from 2pm and ending with playable products revealed on Sunday 17th August.
Taking place in Hall 10.1, C-15, the winning game will be revealed at 2pm on the booth. Four InnoGames employees and eight external developers will form the three competing teams. Visitors and media will be able to not only have a look at the development process throughout gamescom, but also to test the latest versions of the unfinished games. Interviews with InnoGames-developer and organizer of the game jam, Michael Indyk, as well as other participants will developers will be available in Hall 10.1 as well.