Out of Hell 26 July 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Switchblade Monkeys announced the Secret Ponchos Double Down promotion - all purchases of Secret Ponchos prior to August 5 will receive an additional Steam code to unlock Early Access now and the full game at launch.

2. Square Enix has announced a Google Play sale of its classic Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV - normally priced at $15.99, both games are on sale for $7.99 until July 30; Final Fantasy V - on sale from July 31 through August 6; Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy VI - on sale from August 7 through August 18.

3. The world's highest press release can be viewed here. The paper stops flapping (well it is a press release) at about 40,000 feet and gets very still when it reaches 27 miles.

4. CCP Games announced that EVE Online Senior Producer Andie "CCP Seagull" Nordgren has been promoted to the role of Executive Producer for the game. In her new role, Nordgren will oversee all aspects of EVE Online’s production from the company’s Reykjavik headquarters.

5. Gamerock Entertainment has launched Gaming Live, a live-streaming service for game and eSports related content. Gamerock Entertainment also announced that video game enthusiasts, gamers, content producers and companies will be able to provide live-streaming and video on-demand, and will be able to monetize their activities in a fair revenue share model through real-time advertising, pay-per-view, subscription model and more. Visit this page for additional details.