Android/iOS from Hell 26 July 2014

Round up of new games/apps for your iOS/Android based devices
The following games have been announced or released:

1. Developed by Humblebee Games for iOS and Android, Three Hungry Dragons is a simple pick up and play arcade game that tests your concentration and reflexes. You can easily switch between three dragons to allow them to devour the correct type (colour) of magic meteor. Meteors flying down the screen don't seem too threatening at first, but after a short while they will be whizzing down the screen like nobodies business. All it takes is one wrong move. When a dragon takes a bite into the wrong magic meteor, itís all over.

2. Available on the App Store worldwide, Knight Girl is a match-3 game that promises addictive gameplay, numerous levels and a timeless quest of love and happiness.

3. eFusion GmbH has released Ghost PangPang, a mobile shooting game where the player experiences classic fairy tales with a twist: The stories have been invaded by monsters and it is up to the player to get rid of them all. The game features many special characters and the final goal is to defeat the evil bosses lurking at the end of each story.

4. Playdek and Stone Blade Entertainment have released Rise of Vigil, an in-app expansion for the iOS game Ascension. Featuring new power-enhancing, game-changing Energy Shard cards, the new expansion will challenge Ascension players to re-think old strategies and add even greater depth to the gameplay. The App Store page dedicated to the game is located here.

5. Created by Bryan Matlock, Gang Invasion is a tower defense game for iOS and Android devices. Ace has to protect his home from thugs, dogs, police and when the sun fades, zombies.

6. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 Mobile is now available on App Store and Google Play.

7. Pop Bugs is a free-to-play casual puzzle game available now on the Google Play store.

8. Inflo Games has unveiled that Mercenaries Strike Back is out now via the Google Play store - the iOS version will arrive in the coming weeks. Centered around a character that is betrayed by a close friend and who is left with a crushing debt, the player must hire fellow mercenaries in order to take on dangerous quests and explore exotic lands in an attempt to pay off their debt and find the one who has betrayed them. With a casual and light visual style matched with a mid-core feel, Mercenaries Strike Back combines the strategy, RPG and collection genres into one game.

9. Developed by Travian Games for iOS, Meerkatz Challenge is out now via the App Store. In this puzzle platformer a mob of meerkats is traveling the world in search of peace and tranquility, and players must help guide the clan safely through each level.