Granado Espada Europe Armonia Update Launched, New Game Client Available

With Armonia update, UI changing is also very big and the quest UI and Barrack UI will be completely changed
EuroGamez GmbH has announced that a new update for the European version of Granado Espada is now live adding new areas, quests, missions, raids and new characters as well as various improvements. Character balancing and World PVP balancing have been also optimized.
Granado Espada is about discovering new continents during Europe’s Age of Exploration era between the 1500s and 1700's. The Multi character control (MMC) is the most unique feature of the game, allowing players to control a party of up to three characters at a time. The approach to this style of game play makes Granado Espada feel like a hybrid MMORPG and RTS.