inFAMOUS First Light Release Date

Unleash the power of vengeance this August via PlayStation Network
Developed by Sucker Punch as a PS4 standalone game, inFAMOUS First Light invites you to take control of neon powerhouse Abigail "Fetch" Walker and play through the origin story of one of the most powerful conduits the world has ever seen. You will strengthen her abilities to exact revenge and become a super powered killer.
You can also take your abilities to the Conduit Training Room and tackle challenges - you can compete online to beat your fellow superhumans around the world.
Note that this add-on doesn't require the original game but inFAMOUS Second Son owners who do purchase First Light will unlock exclusive content. inFAMOUS First Light will arrive on August 27th in digital form and on September 10th as a retail game.