Daedalic Entertainment Signs Oh My Gore!, First Screens Unveiled

When pixels fight
Releasing these screenshots, Daedalic Entertainment today announced that Oh My Gore!, a cooperation for a tower defense game developed by bumblebee. in pixel art design, will launch early 2015, for PC and Mac. The game will be available on Steam Early Access in fall 2014.
Oh My Gore! is a genre-mix of RTS, tower defense and reverse tower defense, visualized in a 2D pixel art top-down style. The player will join the forces of evil, playing an evil deity unrivaled in his viciousness and eager to execute revenge on the world for past wrongs.
Resource management is crucial in order to produce new units, gather resources and stock them. Quests allow the player to recruit more heroes who can also go on sidequests. In addition, unique 2D-liquid-physics enable the player to influence the game world directly: a broken dam flash-floods enemy camps, while an active volcano can bring a fiery and sudden end to the player's own troops.