Randal's Monday Voice Talent Announced

Jeff Anderson is mostly known for his role as Randal Graves from the 'Clerks'-series
Daedalic Entertainment today announced that Jeff Anderson will be the English voice of the Randal's Monday's protagonist. The Hollywood actor will also assist Nexus Games in creating the script.
Randal's Monday is a graphic adventure game with witty puzzles, a cartoonish style and several nods to the geek culture. Randal Hicks, the main character, a cleptomaniac, sociopath and terrible friend, will find himself involved in some paranormal incidents that will test his skills, dexterity and sanity. Everything revolves around a ring. A priceless ring that only costed half a grape gum.
Randal will live the worst day of his life, over and over again. He'll have to do everything necessary to fix the situation he has caused. Even if it means to go to jail or to destroy the humanity. He'll have to deal with angry cops, common delinquents, retired priests, incompetent box-office clerks and even some talking skeletons.