Crest Announced, Screens/Video Unveiled

A god game where emphasis should be put on parenthood rather than omnipotent dictatorship
Developed by Eat Create Sleep, Crest is a god game which gives you the role as a guide for your people. Your only way of communication with your subjects is commandments you write for them. How these commandments are interpreted and remembered are not set in stone. You might find that your people will evolve over time and use your commandments for their own devices.
The player will not be told what is right or wrong, there will just be many paths which to choose from. Paths that lead to another history for your people and more ways of expressing yourself through your people and the world they shape. At the end of the day you might have changed yourself as well, at least in the eyes of your people.
Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight pages dedicated to the game are located here, respectively here. Five screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.

Crest on PC
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