Android/iOS from Hell 2 August 2014

Round up of new games/apps for your iOS/Android based devices
The following games have been announced, updated or released:

1. Chillingo has announced that action epic Bloodstroke: A John Woo Game is available on the Google Play Store here. You will step into the boots of Phalanx's Elite Private Security Agent Mai Lee - codenamed Lotus - as she shoots and slices her way through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing to ensure the safety of her first assignment.

2. Developed by Teebik Games, Burning Blade is an exhilarating hack-n-slash MMORPG for mobile launched on Google Play in North America, Europe and Australia here. Brought to life by the Unity 3D Engine, Burning Blade casts players as humanity's heroes during a dangerous battle between the gods of the heavens and the underworld. As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, players must team up and use real-time combat skills to slay legendary devils, lay waste to massive monsters and topple enormous titans, before the human race is doomed to extinction.

3. Crave Creative Games has announced Block Crush Saga, a match three puzzle game in which you can touch an item and swipe up, down, left or right to move it. Match three of the same type to get points and complete goals. If you touch the TNT it will explode so if you want to match three of them you will need to touch and swipe the adjacent item you want to swap it with. If you fail to reach the level goal you can add moves to keep going. Once you complete a level you can replay it for high score. Completing levels will give you coins to buy moves. You can replay levels to try and beat your old scores.

4. At San Diego Comic-Conís Marvel Video Games panel, Kabam announced Marvel Contest of Champions, a high-action, high-fidelity super hero combat game for mobile devices in development at Kabam's Vancouver studio. Players fight their way through iconic locations from the Marvel Universe and collect their favorite Marvel super heroes and villains such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Thor to build their ultimate team of champions. Marvel Contest of Champions is slated to release on App Stores worldwide Fall 2014.

5. From Apptly, the creators of Pogo Plumber and Oldify, comes a new iOS game where you must skate to save the world. Dino Skater, available in the App store later this summer, is a jurassic-themed platformer where you play as a skating dinosaur named Dino - Dino must ollie, grind and kickflip his way through a radical prehistoric world in order to save himself, his fellow dinosaurs and the world. The first trailer for Dino Skater is located here

6. 80 Days, a unique new story game from inkle (developers of Steve Jackson's Sorcery!), is available now via the App Store here. Set in an alternate-history version of Jules Verne's Victorian era, 80 Days is a massive mobile game that sends players on a real-time race around an ever changing, often surprising steampunk world.

7. Out now on the iTunes store here, Play Gifts 365 Plus is the first mobile app that allows users to send and receive unlimited game e-cards that you can customize. There are 6 games with multiple themes. In the word games, Anagrams and Hangman, you can create game e-cards by choosing up to 6 words out of a list of 550 or use your own fun or made up words. The puzzle games, Slide, Tower, Match'm, and Jigsaw have multiple levels and options.

8. The first (free) update to Godfire: Rise of Prometheus reinvigorates the gameplay with a major technical overhaul across all game modes. The combat is now more dynamic, controls more responsive, animations more fluid, and finishers more vicious than before. The Combat Update also adds a brand new arena - Deadly Heights. Not only will players face unending waves of enemies, but will also have to be wary of a hidden evil that lurks the cliff, as well as avoid falling off the edge in the heat of battle.