The Sports Market Demo Released

Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell! Build a portfolio of champions!
Wolverine Studios has launched a playable sample for The Sports Market, allowing you to try out this cross between fantasy sports and the stock market. Developers choose basketball as the first sport to try the game out with so you start off with a certain amount of money and purchase shares in players. You earn a certain amount of game points (fantasy points) for their production and the goal is to beat an end score. There are many seasons of players to choose from and you can set the game to last differing amounts of time so you can always give yourself a new challenge.
Players debut in their proper rookie years (called IPO in the game) and it is built in that players will not always turn out as they did in real life so while you will have some idea about the players you won't be able to follow the same strategy every time.