MU Rebirth Open Beta Begins, Client Available

Players will be able to get access to the official free server, MU Rebirth
Webzen has announced the start of the open beta testing for Mu Rrebirth, a new adaptation of the 3D fantasy RPG Mu Online. MU Rebirth takes after the popular MU Online features, with faster levelling and heavier PVP action. The game grants players the possibility to strengthen their characters after reaching level 400. This allows players to start their characters at level 1 again to accumulate more points, while all their stats remain the same.
PVP is the prominent aspect of the game, where top-ranking players will be fighting in seasonal competitions. Each season will hold a different theme, and the winner can acquire a most valuable prize on their MU Online account. Smaller tournaments will be organized as well for the players by volunteers at the start of the season.