Not The Robots v1.1 Patch Deployed

The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted
Developed by 2DArray and published by tinyBuild for PC and Mac, Not The Robots is a procedurally generated stealth furniture eating simulator available now via Steam. You are a robot in an office building and you have to eat furniture and not get caught.
The game features randomly generated stealth levels, fearsome machine-gun-equipped patrolling guards to avoid and trick, tons of crafty gadgets to master, mysterious and fully-voiced storyline to gradually explain the game's strange setting, and more.
The first update launched for the game includes Save & Quit for Campaign Mode, and an overhaul to the loading screen, now with Tips and Tricks, cooler transitions, and a loading indicator. It also offers revamped background decorations and UI, plus various tweaks and improvements, including an improved "x-ray" effect for the player character, prettier spacial UI elements (like Scanners, Sequence numbers, and tutorial popups), big optimizations for low-end hardware, and more.