Boo Bunny Plague Unveiled, First Screens/Video Available

From the creators of 2013's survival horror golf game Curse of the Nordic Cove
Releasing these screenshots and a teaser video, On The Level Game Studios announced that Boo Bunny Plague will be available on Steam for PC and Mac on September 4 through a standard edition for $4.99 USD, or a collector's edition for $5.99 USD that includes a digital comic book and soundtrack. Boo Bunny Plague is a bizarre musical where players follow a robot named Bunny on an adventure through dimensions of space and time as he unravels a plot of treachery and deceit, all while brandishing different guitars as his only weapons.
Players can experience the Boo Bunny Plague at PAX Prime in Seattle Friday, August 29 through Monday, September 1 in booth #6702.