Frozen Synapse: Tactics Renamed

Turn-based strategy game hits PS Vita this September
Frozen Synapse: Tactics is a console version of Frozen Synapse which is being developed by Double Eleven with the help of Mode 7. Players control an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers, from shotgunners and snipers to grenadiers and machine-gunners. Matches take place on procedurally generated, virtual environments, or players can create their own, choosing the amount of rooms, walls, windows, cover and so forth in the creation area. All battlegrounds are fully-destructible.
Players plot paths and issue orders for their units, aiming to predict their opponent’s strategies or complete the match objectives. Both teams commit their plans for each turn, we call this 'Priming', and the outcome of that turn is then played out, resulting in awesome fire-fights, exploding walls and cinematic kill cams.
Scheduled to be released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita via PlayStation Network, Frozen Synapse: Tactics will now be known as Frozen Synapse Prime.