Etherium Screens 9 August 2014

Etherium, which takes place on varied and perilous worlds, introduces its campaign and NPC factions
Focus Home Interactive revealed three more screenshots from Etherium, a massive futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive. In the game, you search the galaxy for a resource called Etherium. Colonizing planets of various terrains and climate types, you must evolve your armies by researching new technologies, exploit vicious climate changes, and upgrade your colony depending on your strategy. In the campaign, you will travel space encountering rival factions but also mysterious sub-factions, searching for the mysterious Etherium.
The sub-factions - who you will fight or rally to your cause - in this round of screenshots include the hulking Guardians - an ethereal force able to reconstruct itself - battling it out against the Intar, whilst on Pilo the Vectides stand off against the dystopian Raiders, a motley band of post-apocalyptic skirmishers. Arctis hosts a war between the Consortium against the Parasites, an alien force that fights in packs - never fewer than 3.