Space Sluggers Revealed, Screens Available

Inspired by the best science-fiction action movies you've seen
In Space Sluggers, somewhere in the future, at the edge of the known galaxy, an alien infestation has overrun a vital human colony. Essential to the survival of humankind, a crack team of the Space Sluggers Elite Corp has been sent to eradicate the threat. They are humanity's first and last line of defence against a bugged-out, mutated alien horde that takes no prisoners.
Space Sluggers is a twin stick multiplayer shooter five heroes and five different ways to play the game, each with their own upgrade paths. Players can upgrade their chosen character across a variety of stats and skill-sets. Both rogue-like (temporary) and permanent upgrades are available, allowing for players to progress further and experiment along the way.
Space Sluggers will be released by Rocktastic Games in 2015, for PC and Mac - five screenshots found their way in our gallery.