Crimes & Punishments Dated, Video Released

His skills, your wits: become Sherlock Holmes at the end of September
Focus Home Interactive has launched a new video for Crimes & Punishments, announcing that the latest Sherlock Holmes game developed by Frogwares is scheduled to arrive on September 30th, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Unlike the previous adventures of Sherlock Holmes, in Crimes and Punishments you will not be a mere spectator during the detective's investigation. It is now your turn to truly become Sherlock Holmes and lead your own investigations, as 8 cases await you. Each case offers real freedom to players, who will have to make important moral choices instead of simply enforcing justice by the book. All decisions have an influence in the game and affect your character's reputation in addition to having realistic, sometimes unexpected, consequences.