RuneScape: Lost City of the Elves Part I Launched

Lost City of the Elves is the final part of the epic Elf Quest campaign that has been building for 12 years
Jagex Games Studio today announced the launch of Lost City of the Elves, the very first expansion pack for RuneScape which includes a brand new area - the elf city of Prifddinas, the largest city in RuneScape - for high level players to explore, as well as a new campaign, new mini-games, new weaponry, and more. From today, high level players can begin their journey towards Prifddinas by taking part in the new and epic Plague’s End quest, the largest adventure in RuneScape to date.
The expansion pack is being released in three parts to enable players to experience ad enjoy all areas of the new content: today's release of Plague's End will be followed by the unlocking of one half of the elf city in September, and the second half in October.