Nocturion Indiegogo Campaign Started, Video/Screens Available

From the creators of Universe Online
Created by Konstantinos Manos and Dimitri Xanthakis, Nocturion is a multiplayer, browser-based, medieval strategy game where players become heroes and build empires in a medieval world. Nocturion's lore spans hundreds of years with original geography, history, noble houses and politics, warring factions and influences, supernatural enemies, dragons, and more.
Players start as mayors of their own small village, establish resource production, and create their first army. With that they can defend their village and raid dungeons for minerals and hidden treasures. In order for players to unlock the mysteries behind Astral Travel and defend their villages from outer planar demons, they will need to forge alliances with other players and combine their forces and their strategies.
The goal of Nocturion's Indiegogo campaign is to raise $10,000 USD by September 7. The money raised will go towards the cost of the graphics and servers, not marketing and salaries. The final game will be ready for play and launched by the end of September 2014.
Three pics and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.