101 Ways To Die Unveiled, gamescom 2014 Screens

It's not just about killing... it's about killing in style
Four Door Lemon Ltd has released four screenshots from 101 Ways To Die, a puzzle platformer with a twist full of dark humour and cartoon gore. As the assistant of an eccentric (and slightly evil) scientist, Professor Splatunfuder, it is your job to help him in restoring a damaged recipe book. These aren't any old cooking recipes, but recipes for dispatching your enemies in the most stylish ways possible. The name of the book is 101 Ways To Die...
You can manipulate the environment to kill the characters and you will gain points for killing these lab created creatures - the Fodder - by using the arsenal of lethal tools. You will gain more points for killing them with hilarious recipes; combining multiple deadly tools to achieve the most outlandishly cruel deaths possible for the hapless Fodder.
101 Ways To Die is scheduled to be released on Steam in Q2 2015 with other versions to follow.