Another Perspective Released, Screens/Videos Available

Another Perspective was shown at GDC along with other indie titles to demonstrate Game Maker games working on a PS4
Developed by Shaun Spalding for PC and Mac, Another Perspective is a 2d puzzle platformer following the very confusing adventure of someone who is looking for something but doesn't remember what that something is. He discovers he has the power to swap minds with what appears to be other versions of himself who all see the world in different ways. Where one pair of eyes sees a bottomless pit, another might not.
Combining these thoughts and realities leads him to progress - or to at least do something that resembles progress - however this new found ability deeply confuses and concerns him. He is left with the quest of not only finding whatever it was he was looking for, but also of just making some kind of sense out of the world around him.
A pair of videos and five screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure.