Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Screens 12 August 2014

These visuals highlight numerous network modes for competitive Online and Offline combat
We have a large batch of screenshots from Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, which will be available on September 5th, for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The game will include the all-new Gauntlet mode, in which players can create a party of up to five warriors and take on real time missions on an ever-changing dynamic field of battle. They will also be able to upload their team, or download another player's party, and play alone or engage in 2 player co-op.
Another mode that becomes available for the first time on PlayStation and Xbox platforms is Duel Mode. There, players can pick their favourite three warriors and battle 3 vs 3 against the system, or against another player local or online. In Duel mode gamers can also choose up to four strategy cards - unlocked in-game through Story and Free modes - which can be used during the fight to boost the teamís abilities, heal or give a disadvantage to the opponent.
Lastly, returning network modes include 2 player co-op for both Story mode and Free mode.