Fat Chicken Joins Steam Greenlight, Video/Screens Released

From the creators of Saturday Morning RPG, Breach & Clear and Scrap Squad
In Fat Chicken, a new take on tower defense, you play a factory farm manager furiously fattening up the incoming "mobs" of livestock on their inevitable way to your slaughter house, and then to grocery store freezer cases. You can build factory farms in levels spread across America as you use six different tower types (and their upgrades) keep your livestock healthy, safe (and tasty) on their way to grocery store freezer cases. Various Hired Hands and Security Guards provide boosts to keep your operations running smoothly; speeding up breeding, fighting protesters, healing sick animals and more as you rake in the cash from your fatted fowl, plump pigs and behemoth beeves.
Developed by Relevant Games, Fat Chicken needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here. Eleven screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.