Far Cry 4 Keys to Kyrat PlayStation Exclusive Content Unveiled, gamescom 2014 Videos/Screens Released

Details revealed on Keys to Kyrat, PlayStation exclusive feature
Those who purchase Far Cry 4 for PS4 or PS3 will receive 10 "Keys" to send to any PSN friend who doesn't own the game, Ubisoft announced. These keys will allow them to join you in open world co-op gameplay for up to 2 hours so that you can explore the diverse world of Kyrat together.
Throughout the game, players will come across a series of missions located at the peaks of snowy mountains. The Himalayan missions push them to extremes as they encounter avalanches, ride snowmobiles and fight for each breath as they live the effects of high altitude. The wingsuit might be their only chance at survival.
Traveling to Shangri-Là, players will also encounter a completely different set of mythical enemies with unexpected and surprising behaviors. Players have an ally, a noble white tiger, the protector of Shangri-Là. The tiger comes to the player's defense when provoked or can be sent to attack nearby enemies. The Shangri-Là bow, with the exclusive ability to momentary slow time, will also be available while players unlock skills within the main skill tree.
A pair of videos and twelve screenshots have been added in our download section.