BioWare Revealed Shadow Realms, gamescom 2014 Video/Screens

Fans can sign up for the Closed Alpha for a chance to experience dynamic 4v1 co-op missions and episodic storytelling in a new BioWare world
At gamescom 2014, BioWare announced Shadow Realms, a 4v1 story-driven online action RPG set in a constantly evolving world where modern meets fantasy. Four heroes adventure against another player-controlled enemy, a malevolent force called The Shadowlord, in dynamic 4v1 co-op missions, ensuring that no two battles are ever the same. Players will have the choice to play either as - or against - The Shadowlord, building experience and progression whether they have chosen good or evil.
The over-arching narrative will be released episodically, playing out over time like a great TV series, providing players the ability to experience story-driven adventures as a community. A Closed Alpha test for the game should start later this year. Nine screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.