Galactic Civilizations III Enters Beta, Video/Screens Released

Explore, expand, extract, exterminate now with the universe's premier space 4X game from independent developer and publisher Stardock
Releasing a gameplay movie and these five fresh screenshots, Stardock announced that the beta version of Galactic Civilizations III, the third installment of its PC strategy game series, is now available on Steam Early Access for $44.99, five dollars off its regular $49.99 price.
Available only for 64-bit Windows PCs, Galactic Civilizations III puts players in charge of one of several fantastical sci-fi races (including 23rd-century humans) about to begin interstellar colonization. Spreading your empire throughout the galaxy, unlocking the secrets of creation through radical scientific research, and building massive fleets of starships to defend your way of life is only the beginning.