Arena: Cyber Evolution Gets Steam Early Access, Video Available

Spearhead Games' communally-developed MOBA-inspired sports game enters alpha, adds major updates
Spearhead Games has announced that Arena: Cyber Evolution, the world's first MOSA, is now available on Steam Early Access. Arena: Cyber Evolution is a Multiplayer Online Sport Arena, a physics-based game where super-powered champions vie for power in a 3-vs-3 soccer-inspired battle of wits and twitch reflexes.
Unlike any other e-sport on the market, ACE allows the player to precisely control their character and the ball through direct mouse movement - no AI, no auto-targeting, and no constant clicking. In addition, ACE's gameplay mechanics emphasize teamwork over individual strength; the game's progression system allows experienced players to customize their character's play-style; and the variation between characters ensures that no two matches are the same.