Fortified Revealed, Screens/Video Available

A meld of defensive strategy and third-person shooter, Fortified is Clapfoot's first foray into console and PC
Independent video game developer Clapfoot has launched a video and these screenshots announcing that its new sci-fi strategy and base defense shooter, Fortified, will come to PC and console in 2015. Featuring a visual presentation that is an homage to classic 1950's sci-fi films, the game invites you to defend your cities from sky scraping robot invaders and menacing flying saucers. In Fortified, your goal is to work as a team to defend your base against unrelenting waves of enemy robots. Not only will you build defensive structures and engage in 3rd person shooting, but as a first for the genre, you will also be able to train and command units.
Fortified will be showcased at this year’s PAX Prime in Seattle.