Dieselstormers Firestorm Update Deployed, Screens Released

Early Access version of the red hot multiplayer action game gets new weapons, an additional mission type and even more precious loot
Releasing these two screenshots, German indie games developer Black Forest Games announced that a new update is available now for Dieselstormers. Firestorm adds a mighty new weapon, the "Elemental Caster", that lets players fire great bursts of goop (the Dieselknights' most wanted magical fuel) to eliminate every single enemy who dared to set foot in the city of Ravensdale.
In addition, the weapon modification system has been upgraded to include more options. Players can now modify their weapons to maximize damage, speed or range. Now with more spectacular effects: shrapnel bullets will burst on impact; mines can be scattered around for maximum splash damage.
There is also an engine mod, enabling Dieselknights to literally blow up their targets, which will cause huge explosions, spreading fear among the ugly orkish invaders. Furthermore, there’= is a new secondary mission type, "Rush", where players try to beat the enemy rockets to the finish for more loot.