Fourth Muramasa Rebirth Genroku Legends DLC Dated

Featuring an all-new story that follows the exploits of Arashimaru, a new fighting style, and new, challenging bosses
Hell's Where the Heart Is, the fourth Genroku Legends DLC (downloadable content) for Muramasa Rebirth, will arrive in North America on September 2nd and in Europe on September 3rd, via PlayStation Network. When former monk turned playboy Seikichi accidentally proposes to Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell, he finds himself literally sucked into an adventure he never dreamed of. Already on a mission to recover the sacred treasures of the Seven Gods of Fortune that she misplaced, Rajyaki stuffs Seikichi in a magical bag and continues her mission - all while being the "bestest" fiancée she can be.
You will play as the formidable Rajyaki as you explore the Muramasa world, all while falling madly and deeply in love with Seikichi.