EVE Online: Hyperion Launched

Hyperion update adds to popular game systems in the sprawling sci-fi universe
Hyperion, the latest EVE Online update, is now live adding major changes to wormhole effects. Since wormholes were introduced into the game years ago, EVE players of all experience levels - always ready for a challenge - jumped headfirst into the unknown and carved out fragile refuges amidst a constantly shifting interstellar landscape.
In Hyperion, dangerous "Burner" pirates have started to arrive all over the universe. Trained by the five major pirate factions, these lone criminals hide behind space gates that only frigate-class ships can activate, making for a fresh alternative to the battleship warfare that dominates high-level agent missions. These optional but lucrative new missions mimic the type of battle more often found between players.
Other changes to EVE include more ship and module balancing, improved UI like sharable overviews and tooltips, new cybernetic arms and "retro" headwear, plus the opening of planetary colonies in null security space to those outside the sovereign alliances that control them.