Trouble In The Manor Kickstarter Campaign Launched, Screens/Video Revealed

An online arena horror game inspired from the Garry's Mod game mode 'Trouble In Terrorist Town' and Nintendo's 'Luigi's Mansion'
Unveiling these screenshots and a video, Charyb Games announced a Kickstarter campaign for Trouble In The Manor, a new online game featuring murder and mayhem. Players are given the role of either innocent bystander or murderer and must survive within the manor walls. Each match can hold up to 10 people (since there are 10 characters in the game).
A murderers job is to kill as many bystanders as possible without getting caught. If you are caught or called out as a murderer, a bystander has the right to mow you down by any means necessary. Murderers must make sure to get rid of any evidence they leave behind such as DNA and blood trails, by either washing the floor or hiding the body of the person(s) they killed.
A bystanders job is simple: stay alive and kill any murderers they catch in the act, or ones that are called out by other bystanders.