Seven Dragon Saga Announced

Seven Dragon Saga is a tale about the use of power
Tactical Simulations Interactive (TSI) today revealed Seven Dragon Saga, a new RPG based upon an original pen and paper role-playing system designed by former Strategic Simulations Interactive (SSI) alumni Keith Brors and David Shelley. Seven Dragon Saga takes place in a high-powered fantasy universe, revolving around the Empire of the Seven Dragons. Eschewing traditional RPG tropes, Seven Dragon Saga provides the player with effective heroes right from the start.
Players will need to assemble a brave troupe of adventurers "touched by the winds of the chaos". Known as the Touched, these brave adventurers will face the unknown, and embark on a quest to discover hidden truths and determine the fate of the Empire.
Built using the Unity3D engine (Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, Shroud of the Avatar), Seven Dragon Saga is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux.