Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Ships, Video Available

Next evolution of popular tactical action franchise arrives onto new consoles, handheld and returns to PlayStation 3
TECMO KOEI America unveiled today that Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is out now for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The mythology of the Orochi universe expands with a new main storyline, which brings the heroes together again into the chaos of battle as they are summoned upon by a mysterious stone. Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Ultimate's chronicle is complemented by side stories offering over 175 scenarios and endings to uncover, including the ability to battle from the point of view of various characters and even “what if” hypothetical stages that exist in a parallel world.
Gameplay modes include network functions for competitive Online and Offline combat with the all-new Gauntlet mode in which players create a party of up to five warriors and engage in missions on an ever-evolving dynamic battlefield. Gauntlet mode allows players to either upload their party or download another player's for 2 player co-op or standalone gameplay. Duel Mode, available for the first time on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, allows players to select warriors of their choice for 3 vs 3 battle against others Online or locally or against AI. Additional returning network modes include 2 player co-op for both Story mode and Free mode.