Star Trek Online: Delta Rising Adds Star Trek: Voyager Cast Members

Star Trek: Voyager cast members join the largest content update to date
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios today announced that three actors from Star Trek: Voyager will be joining the current cast of in-game characters in Delta Rising, the next major expansion for Star Trek Online. In continuation with the Voyager theme of Star Trek Online: Delta Rising, Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Ethan Phillips (Neelix), and Robert Picardo (The Doctor) will join Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and Tim Russ (Tuvok) to reprise their characters from Voyager when Star Trek Online: Delta Rising launches later this fall.
Set 32 years after the events of Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek Online: Delta Rising will bring players into the Delta Quadrant - a mysterious region of space recently made easily accessible through an ancient Iconian gateway. As players explore uncharted worlds and interact with alien species, they will partner with well-known crew members of U.S.S. Voyager to investigate an unknown enemy presence.