Warlocks Kickstarter Campaign Underway, Video/Screens Unveiled

Warlocks began as an idea of combining Risk of Rain gameplay with fantasy characters such as wizards and warlocks
One More Level has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Warlocks, a multiplayer wizard action/RPG brawler set in a multidimensional world, where the evil shadows are invading human realms. You play as one of powerful Warlocks and by using magic skills and weapons you fight through hordes of enemies. The game is mainly focused on co-op and versus play between players.
In the single-player/co-op campaign you have to clear your way through the 6 different dimensions with unique enemies, bosses, environments. You are leveling up your character by slaying evil monsters and getting better and better items. In Versus mode you can fight against your friend sitting next to you in a special arenas, where you can grab a power-up to improve your spells, heal yourself etc. You can fight in 1-4 players DeathMatch or in teams - 1v1 or 2v2.
Four screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.