Cosmochoria Coming via Steam Early Access

Planting seeds, hopping planets and blasting aliens with a cute little naked guy with a jetpack
Developed by musician and illustrator Nate Schmold (Mantrakid) and published by 30/30, Cosmochoria is a love letter to old-school action / arcade games like Asteroids, Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. By planting seeds on long-barren planets, a cute little pink naked guy is able to sprout new plant life which in turn provides new seeds to continue the cosmic germination. While seeds are being planted, crisply illustrated cartoon aliens, robots and bosses attack relentlessly and must be fought off either by building supporting towers which automatically shoot them out of the sky - or by the upgradeable sidearm.
Cosmochoria will launch on Steam Early Access on September 29, for $9.99, with a 10% discount for the first week.