Etherlords iOS Version Released, Screens Available

A 3D iOS title that pushes Unity to its absolute limits
Etherlords is a 3D strategy game played in an isometric perspective. The game has a unique "world-building" gameplay mechanic inspired by Carcassonne with players spending their resources to build tiles that become living earth (terrain). This terrain generates Ether and gives birth to Creatures that can be collected and deployed into battle. The game also includes an extensive multiplayer component with asynchronous PvP powered by user-generated worlds and creatures (which can be "fused" together). There are more than 180 creatures in total, including Wolves, Dragons, Witchdoctors, Scorpion Kings, and even a mighty Colossus.
Etherlords is out now for free on the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone devices. Ten screenshots found their way in our gallery.