Out of Hell 13 September 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. RedBedlam has licensed Wanna Make Some Noise by Glasgow band Brooksy and The Sound Collectors as the theme song for Bedlam. Bedlam, a first-person shooter written in collaboration with the acclaimed Scottish novelist Christopher Brookmyre, is available now via Steam Early Access.

2. Daedalic Entertainment announced it has expanded its team with the addition of award-winning author Martin Ganteföhr who will be working with Daedalic to craft a wholly new game, to be unveiled at a later date.

3. Stardock will publish an upcoming strategy game developed by the Allen, Texas-based studio, BonusXP. Founded in 2012 by veteran game developers from Age of Empires developer Ensemble Studios, BonusXP joined Oxide Games and Mohawk Games as partners in Stardock's vision for the future of PC gaming.

4. Ace Combat Infinity, the latest episode in the long-running series created by Project ACES, has reached 1.5 million downloads. To celebrate this milestone, BANDAI NAMCO Games is giving out 3 Stocked Fuels to all its Pilot - this gift can be received by opening the Notifications in-game. In addition, during a limited time from September 12th to September 18th (may slightly vary depending on which time zone the pilot is playing from), a chance of receiving item boxes with 1.5 million credits will occur within the item drops.