Firefall v1.1 Update Deployed, Screens Released

New update brings more weapons, additional dynamic encounters, Titan Battle Hardcore Mode, and more
Along with these screenshots, Red 5 Studios announced that Elemental Destruction, a new major update for the open world MMO shooter, Firefall, is now live, introducing two never-before-seen weapons and devastating damage modifiers to the Accord armory. The Plasma Flak Cannon, designed for Assault battleframes, fires a deadly blast that explodes upon impact or after a set amount of time, dealing area of effect (AOE) damage. The Biotech class gets the virulent Bio Injector, a weapon that fires lethal needles which inflicts poison damage to enemies upon impact. Moreover, the alternate fire of the Bio Injector is designed to apply heal over time to target allies.
This update also introduces five dynamic encounters, a Hardcore Mode for Kanaloa the Destroye, plus six elemental weapon capabilities for both primary and secondary weapons designed to burn, poison, and shock the opposing forces.

Firefall on PC
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