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The official El Matador website has been updated with new screenshots (available also in our gallery), illustrating this third person stealth action game in the works at Plastic Reality Technologies. In this game, player takes on the role of a DEA agent, whose aim is to bring down the narkomafia, an organised crime syndicate in South America. "Driven by revenge for what the narkomafia did to his brother, the player will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combines all the essential features of surprise, unexpected twists and dramatic developments". El Matador will be released by Cenega Publishing in Q3 2005.
Powerful narcomafia ruling in Latin America is one of the most dangerous enemy of the US antidrug organization DEA. In the role of the DEA special agent the player will, in a new story based 3rd person tactical action game, face the opponent, who will be sometimes overpowering the situation, in a story, which you could not enjoy at your own skin yet. Become Matador, become the man, who will enforce the law in countries, where weak people are suffering, inclining their heads before hard fist of the narcomafia and where strong men do not let the last bullet for themselves. El Matador is a story of a DEA special agent who is fighting against the narkomafia. Game brings the environment of honest, fair minded and hard men, acting in movies as Walking Tall, Hard to Kill or Get Carter. El Matador combines the atmosphere of titles as Hitman, action of Max Payne and suspense of Splinter Cell, in order to catch the player in an exciting story about betrayal, revenge and establishing justice forever. You will enjoy 15 real locations of South America in detailed superb graphics, new unique surrounding with fighters against drug traders, manufacturers and drug cartels of Mid and South America and their most dangerous bosses. Gameplay includes tactic and stealth action and head to head combat with dangerous and well organized enemies with their narcomafia bosses. El Matador means fighter. Killer. In the past it was used for naming toreadors, men who face the rage bull in arena. It is a man, who requires respect and others feel fear. He is coming. Technology Graphics completely vertexpixel shader based rendering pipeline full scene shadow-mapping support pseudodynamic lightmaps skinned meshes per-pixel specularreflectionbump mapping advanced terrain texture blending scriptable particle systems rendering of huge amount of grassbushestrees spherical harmonics based dynamic lighting HDR rendering Audio 3D positional audio with EAX support Advanced Technology advanced AI with terrain reasoning capabilities powerful in-house created physics engine advanced animation engine with support for layered animation blending IK, FK and facial animation

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