Dominions II: The Ascension Wars v2.13 Patch

Shrapnel Games has released a new patch for Dominions II: The Ascension Wars, bringing this turn-based fantasy strategy game by Illwinter Game Design to v2.13. This release improves cheat detection, implements Basic Magic Item modding, adds new weapons commands and more (read full story for details). Thanks: 3DGamers. Gamer's Hell Local Download:
  • Dominion v2.13 Patch (1.7 MB)
  • New Features / Game Balance Changes v2.13: This fifth patch for Dominions II is fully compatible with version 2.12. However players participating in multiplayer games should still use the same version as the host or the unfolding of battles will not be displayed correctly. Basic Magic Item modding implemented. Improved cheat detection. New switches: --noscoregraphs, --nonationinfo, --enablemod. New switches: --vicprov, --vicdom. New weapon modding commands: #nratt, #aoe. New monster modding commands: #shapechange, #secondshape, #firstshape, #secondtmpshape. Unit recruit lists are greyed out while besieged. Main screen commander scrolling works in full rows only to make it easier to keep track of individual commanders when there are many in the same province. Rehiring mercs will start bid at half the usual value. Possible to combine more 50% fire/cold resistance items to gain full immunity. Flooded province possible only during summer and in fresh water provinces. Some minor graphical polishing. Linux text output is now more redirection friendly. Dryad hoplite got a roundshield. Lord Warden strat move 2. Lord Guardian castle def. Mother of thuatha stealth fixed. Demon knigth 30 mrl. Adept of iron order studybonus. Couatl can now wear helmet. Grotesque one hand equippable. Heliophagus sneak 20 except mabakiel who has 30. Heliophagus increased undead ldr. Burning pearl fire res 100 -> 50. #nametype works for heroes too. Added an esc shortcut Bug Fixes: It was impossible for some rare independents on plains to appear. Using the Alchemist's Stone could falsly trigger the cheat detection. Bows could be used after one arm was lost. Magic swords could be used even if one arm was lost. Primal forest works (summon hamadryad). Skratti and Great Warlock available once more. Changing score graphs disabled renaming as well. Flight and Blink works properly now. Juggernaut didn't spread dominion. --startprov, --preexec and --opacity could disturb further switches. It was sometimes possible to see the VP graph even it there was no VP victory condition. Roc ate too many elephants. Immigration message sometimes listed an incorrect province. Ulm black forest home site units not recruitable by others. Network changes. Typos fixed.