Out of Hell 24 September 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Square Enix has announced an exclusive, limited edition Batman: Arkham Origins collectable figure under licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment. For its 2014 New York Comic Con exclusive, Square Enix recreated the nimbleness of Deathstroke to the utmost by incorporating flexible material in his shoulders and ankles to enable a wide range of motion. The paintwork features realistic weathering and chips on his armor, to imply the countless battles he has fought as an assassin. Befitting an expert on weapons and explosives, the Deathstroke figure comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including a hand gun, a club, a sword, and a rifle along with corresponding interchangeable hands. The figure also includes a display stand.

2. Hunted Cow announced strategic partnership with Dan Verssen Games to bring the Lightning War card game series to multiple digital platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android. The Lighting War series consists of 4 WW2 themed games (Midway, D-Day, North Africa and Poland) and also the abstract Lightning: War on Terror game which lets you utilize America’s cutting edge weapon systems. The first title in the series is scheduled for release in Q2 2015, however players interested in beta testing and being one of the first to try out the games can join the Hunted Cow newsletter for advance notification.

3. Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios has entered into publishing agreement with indie games publisher TheGameWall Studios to handle publishing for their free to play title Guns and Robots.