Legend of Edda Global Edition Launched

Intense battles set in an ancient mythological fantasy world
Developed by Eyasoft and published by JC Planet, Legend of Edda is a free 3D, fantasy MMORPG based on the Greek mythological conflict between the Gods of the Olympus and the Titans with anime inspired graphics. The game takes takes players through a dynamic storyline divided into five unique chapters based on the conflict of two opposing factions. Players will pledge their allegiance to Olympus or Titan from the beginning - prior to character creation - which will play a large role in upcoming PVP and RVR battles.
Fast-paced PVP battles are the cornerstone of the game and include intense personal battles, guild battles and player-killing (PK) where opposing factions can attack each other at any time. Additional PVP battles will include the Sacred Treasure Battle: a large scale RVR battle between followers of each god to obtain the sacred treasures and, lastly, the game features Guild vs. Guild mode, where players will battle within an enclosed battle ring.