Project Timeless Beta 2 Teaser Movie

The team behind Project Timeless, a multiplayer mod for Half-Life featuring "complex campaigns, detailed player models, breathtaking weapons, tactical gameplay, and more", has released a (nice) teaser movie which offers five minutes and a half of in-game footage from the upcoming v2.0. The new version will add a faster movement and faster weapon switching, a powerful movement-sensor, new visual effects to increase the quality of eplosions and weapon effects, new player animations, two new grenades (EMP and napalm and a redesigned razor model) and a round display that shows up the current sub-round. Local Download:
  • Project Timeless Beta 2 Teaser Movie (34.8 MB)
  • Project Timeless is a 3D-Shooter, which is conceived for the multi-player mode exclusively. Two teams fight against each other. Both teams are to be seen as units, which must fulfill together in each case determined mission-targets. Each player arranges himself at the beginning an individual equipment from different individual components. Each of these component/weapons has tactical pro and cons whereby a complex play happening is developed. By killing opponents or fulfilling mission goals the individual players receive points. An exact listing of the points, the PT to distinguish and of comparable plays differentiate can be found under the menu option ' feature '. Features: - Complex campaigns The campaign system enables PT to create multiple objectives/missions within a single map. Those in-map missions can completely differ from each other, even take place in different locations. That´s why a PT-Map is usually larger than maps of other games/mods. - Detailed player models The characters are equipped with suits that fit their environment. The player can choose between 4 different heads for his character. The PT player-models are completely new animated too. So the player can prone or give quite commands via body-language. - Breathtaking weapons Experience gameplay with realistic and modern weapon systems or all new futuristic prototypes and powerful inventions on the part of the androids. All in all PT will feature 30 weapons and various gadgets/add-ons to equip your player with. - Independence for Mappers The PT-Mapping system offers mappers large possibilities in creating and designing their maps. The choice and combination of mission-targets is hardly restricted. Detailled infos can be found in the Mapping-Section. - Tactical gameplay On account of the sophisticated score system team play and tactics will be an essential part of PT. Accomplishing the mission objectives and tension come into prominence. PT puts an end to bunnyhopping, senseless mass murder & constant gunfire. - MP3 Player Listen to the exclusively composed PT Score or to your own MP3's via the integrated MP3-Player. - Intelligent Radar The Radar shows friends andenmies but he also shows mission-goals in colors depending on their priority. - Last but not least - Fun All of the points listed above would be useless if the game wasn´t fun to play in the end. Don´t worry, we´ll take care of that :)